"The Spirit Wellness Session awakens you to the UNLIMITED potential of consciousness in a body"



THIS is empowerment in the most authentic form possible

Nothing has ever existed like this before now

The Spirit Wellness Session was designed and birthed from and through The Outer Most reaches of conscious understanding, the known and unknown line of Ancestral Creators, past the boundaries of known oneness and energy formlessness



We are all the existence of energy into form.  We come from the  Ancestral Line of Known Oneness, the Divinity of the All

Angela Nicastro

Psychic Medium, Spirit Wellness Facilitator 

Sessions can be done in person or remotely

Love is Everlasting.  Love never dies and never really leaves us.  In this Universe Love exists in many forms, all of which are connected to us through natural vibration, or Universal Harmonics. 

 We all have  Guides.  Guides can be teachers, advisers, a healing presence, or take a more advanced form, as Ascended Beings, who come to assist us with healing and living our natural life.   But, we don't all have the clarity to have these relationships as part of our lives.  

Besides offering you insight into your life and healing, a session with your Guides allows for a natural love connection  to be restored,  a connection you will continue to have for life.  There are many reasons why we lose this natural connection, mainly trauma and fear.   We all need healing for one reason or another.  Working with your guides and a trusted adviser  can put you right back on the path you were born to live.  

Grief happens when we lose someone we love.   Most people are unable to completely heal this grief on their own.  Making a connection with your loved ones in Spirit can be just the remedy you need to heal a broken heart caused by grief.  

There is life beyond what we are born to understand.  We can guide you toward a life filled with happiness and help you to discover the most brilliant YOU possible. 

Angela Nicastro is A Reiki Master, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Creator of "The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening Work"tm.  She has been using her natural gifts as a Psychic Medium to assist humanity in their awakening and healing process for over 30 years.  A Master Spiritual teacher and Channel for the Universal Beings of Light, Starborn Creators and personal Guides,  Angela is a foremost expert on The Shift and Rebirth process.  Her clients have enjoyed many classes, Intensives and Healing Modalities offered by Angela, along with her Internet show and Astrology insights.   Angela has been interviewed many times bringing forth incredible truth and wisdom for those seeking to live authentically and evolve away from fear and trauma.   Always genuine, charismatic and heartfelt, Angela consistently provides exactly what is needed by those who seek her counsel.  She is available for both public and private events and lectures.   Her work provides a refreshing combination of Science and Spirit Energies, creating a unique and powerful opportunity for her clients. 

© 2017 Copyright Angela Nicastro 

Additional Information Visit www.loveexpanded.com

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