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Working closely with your Angels, the Celestial Masters can provide instantaneous and deep healing for a weary or suffering Soul 

Angels show themselves in various ways.  Many have names and specific purpose for those on Earth who need their love, assistance and support.  Angels bring us healing, guidance and insight, and will often speak to us about our trauma and belief systems we need to correct or change. (Spiritual Evolution)

I found over the years, Angels assist us to "grow up", in other words teach us how to heal our wounds from childhood and help us to take responsibility for how and what we create with our Free Will.

Being on Earth is similar to living in a nebulous world, and we can't always see through the fog.  Angels come as Celestial Messengers, awakening us to the behaviors which lead to heartache and pain, providing us with opportunities to be proactive and avoid certain life situations that would create more pain, suffering and unworthiness.  Angels often provide teachings as a way of allowing us to be supported through changes.

Angels can offer immediate healing, support us through difficult times and work with us to awaken and live through our natural gifts. 

Angels Heal with Light and are the TRUE Messengers of the Divine Elements

Several Orders of Angels Exist, such as Archangels, Cherubim, Elohim, Seraphic just to name a few.  Each "order" of Angelic Light has a different purpose on Earth. 

Several Historical Prophets claimed it was Angels who inspired their writing.  

Mohammed claimed that it was Gabriel who dictated the Koran to him, verse by verse.

And, Joan of Arc named Gabriel the Spirit who directed her to save the King of France.

During WWI correspondents produced extensive reports about an incident that occurred in August, 1914 in Belgium.   At that time, Germans had ambushed British soldiers and their allies in the city of Monz.  The report to London was of heavy casualties and total hopelessness.  Later on August 26, the wounded English soldiers told that a troop of Angels led by Archangel Michael stood between them and their enemy, with wings outstretched facing the Germans.  SUDDENLY hundreds of guns went silent, the shelling stopped, the wounded soldiers were able to be transported out and all escaped. 

A few signs that Angels are present:

You may feel the room temperature change; goose bumps or tingling or a warm rush of energy through your body

A mystical frangrance may appear from no where, usually unidentifiable

Various colored lights, or shafts of light with sparkly elements which appear and disappear quickly

You may hear celestial music or voices; feeling an everwhelming sense of love and compassion; tears of joy

The appearance of white feathers in unlikely places.

The appearance of pennies or dreams of Angelic Beings bringing messages to you.

You can learn to communicate with your Angels just by doing a few simple things:


Many adults have difficulty claiming their beliefs around Angels, Guides, Faeries, etc.  We must love and embrace fully our connection to these wondrous beings and the Universe from which they come. We are all part of Nature and therefore all Exist within our own Dimensional Universal Vibration.  We cannot see or hear if we do not believe.  

Use automatic writing to communicate with YOUR guardian Angels, and this will open the door to further enlightenment.

Mentally and/or visually invite your angels to visit with you; ask them for a sign of their presence

Use Angel cards or other tools to learn more about and deepen your communion with your Angels

Music is the Language of The Divine and The Celestial Beings.  Meditating or simply listening to Music of higher octaves will connect you with the Light.

Remember, it is not our Angels or Guides who do not or cannot show up for communication.  It is our lack of faith or belief we cannot communicate with them.  Usually, this comes from deeply rooted fear or unworthiness

There is much to know, learn and understand about YOUR personal connections to the Angels who are here to help you heal and grow.  During your Angel Healing Session, you will be introduced to the Angels most connected to you and learn what their presence means for you now.  You will also be given specific and purposeful tools to use after your reading so the connection with your angels will continue to grow.  Communication is always possible between you and your angels.  Your healing session will provide the necessary ENERGY for you to have the awareness and the awakening necessary for this communication to happen. 

A Little Bit of My Story 


I will start by saying my Mom always said I was aptly named.  My dad named me Angela, and as it turned out, he is my connection to this Angelic and Starborn History I have.


The Biblical baby name Angela is Greek in origin and it's meaning is messenger of God. The Hebrew version of Angela is Malak. 

Angels are agents that God sends to do his will. 

A few of the occasions on which the Angel of the Lord appeared in the Old Testament are; to Abraham at Mamre, to Jacob at Penuel, to Joshua at Gilgal, and to save Abednego, Shadrach and Meshach from the furnace. 

In the New Testament, the angel Gabriel appears to announce the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus Christ. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus is declared by an angel of the Lord. 

The archangel Michael is the commander of heaven's armies. 


Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jayne Howard, who is an inspired writer and expert on communication with Angels.  It was Jayne who first encouraged me to investigate my own Elohim lineage.   Upon doing so, I awakened within myself the mystical language of the spheres, the light languages of the Angelic Beings.   At that time, I was going through a very difficult "passage" in my own life, and this connection brought me back to the visions and communication I had in my childhood with these beautiful beings.  In that one moment, it all became real to me, I understood my past.  And, I felt an incredible surge of love move through my heart and I knew I would be healed.  And, so I was "Initiated" into the choir of light messengers who would be the voice of the Angels on Earth.   I did Angel Healing Sessions for many years and I  am delighted to return to my roots for those in need of deep and essential healing. 

Moving On: 

After this awakening, I struggled with my personal identity and wondered if I was living a lie.  I was not happy in my marriage and was about to take action to end it.  Then, one night in late winter, I awoke and went into the bathroom.  As I stood in front of the mirror, an Angel appeared in clear physical form.  He spoke powerfully to me, saying "You will have one more child, a boy, and he has to come through you.  This child is promised and must be born."  I didn't know what to think, but sure enough, I did get pregnant and gave birth to my last child, a boy.  From his birth it was clear he was different.  And now, 26 years later we have learned much about our Elohim connection and HIS connection to Archangel Michael.   I realized after bringing through The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening DNA transformation work, and, channeling the incredible information on our unprecedented rebirth process, it would be this child, my son Joe who was born to carry it on.  As I am sure his children will continue it as well.  All of my children are powerfully gifted in their own way, but this one foretold by Archangel Michael will certainly continue on with my work, brought here as a New Paradigm to  help

humanity change the world into Light.

   Now I can rest peacefully knowing this unsurpassed body of work will be passed on.   So you see we can never know how deeply we are connected until we allow ourselves to trust and receive the knowledge we need.  We aren't alone on this journey, it is not all up to us.   Letting go provides a freedom and a sense of peacefulness in this crazy, undefined world we live in.  

Many years later, as I was again confused about major life choices I was about to make, the Angels came to me again.  This time they stood at the foot of my bed and I felt their loving touch physically, and the voice of one came through, assuring me that if I followed my heart, all would soon be well again. And these words supported me through a very dark time in my life.    And the story continues to this day.  I invite you to witness and experience your own personal story, one which will carry you through even the darkest times in your Earthly life. 

© 2017 Copyright Angela Nicastro 

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