Faeries and Oracle Cards

Magic comes in many ways. We can use Oracle Cards, Spirit Writing or Mirrors, or just a simple sit down with your Faeries and/or Celestial Partners to provide you with the Magic which will tickle you during your reading with them.  They can be rude and crude at times, taking people by surprise..  But it is all in the nature of the Fae.  Angels also have a sense of humor, you see, unless the reason for their visit in your Reading is serious.  Of course, they will respect your emotions and the opportunity to teach and heal you.  But remember, with all  readings and Universal work, your FREE WILL can interfere, so its best to be open, receive and trust the guidance you are given.  Use your FREE WILL to choose the outcome desired, and be sure to do your part to allow it to happen.  Negativity destroys, positivism restores.   

$110 for 35 minutes 

This is Where The Magic Begins 

Every Soul has a Unique and Magical Story.......

Your Magic Story Begins Here.....

Meeting with your Faeries, Angels and Star Creators can be the MOST Magical and Delicious Journey you have ever taken.

You See, the Angelic Realm who are now on Earth as Healers and Awakeners also like to play with the Fae.  Sometimes, they work together to weave the most Brilliant Magicical Journey Ever.

Or, for the Very Brave. meeting the Faeries alone can be tantalizing and deliriously addictive.  They can deliver the tickle better than anyone else can.  They love to play and frolic around us all of the time, mostly unnoticed by humans.  But when you come to meet with them and have a sit down with them they can be delightfully magical.  They may even go home with you!

But be careful, the Faerie Folk have been known to be mischief makers, often taking objects and making the disappear and reappear, making one feel the madness they create.   They love music as well....and can turn it on and off at will.  Yes, you really did hear that music playing, or someone tickle you - or touch you when sleeping.  They also whisper secrets in you ear, telling of a new love or win coming your way.  Most of all, they love to PLAY with us like children often do. 

Faerie Folk are also great manifestos, since they do roam the earth realm and live unchallenged among nature.  When we need some coins, or a new love interest, the Fairy folk are always around to help.  One catch though, if they give to you, they expect you to give back.   But they ask no coin or personal belonging......they ask simply that once we receive from their Magic, we share that Magic with an Open Heart.  They have been known to take back their "gift" if the person is unappreciative of their efforts.  No dismal or negative types are welcome in Faerie Land...only jolly,, happy folk and those who BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC........

The Faerie Folk are also great and magical poets and writers.  They love LOVE and will often bring the delights to our senses, whimsical moments to enjoy, dance, sing, play and eat.  Oh yes, the Fae are Magical altogether.....They love to trick us, watch out for those mirrors and illusions.....as I said, the Fae love to drive us MAD

They will also write your Magic Story, tell you all about YOUR Faerie Roots, we all have a wee bit of Faerie in us......the mischief maker and the poet, the Artist.  They are fascinating Story Tellers and happy to write it all down for you.  For a few coins, that is.  

© 2017 Copyright Angela Nicastro 

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