Psychic Reading Sessions 

Psychic Sessions are based in various techniques and harmonics. Tapping into the abstract harmonic in the Universe allows me to connect to your energy at any level, including past, present and future.  We hear direct voice from your Soul or Spirit, bringing forth concerns in your present life.  Your Guides, Angels and Masters also participate, offering truth to guide and free you from painful or harmful situations. 

Psychic Readings are usually requested when a client is struggling with making decisions, opportunities, job changes, or relationship issues.

A reading can also bring up blocks and trauma which need to be healed or transformed before the natural course of life can be restored.  

Areas of life which are generally discussed in a Psychic Reading Session include:

  • Life Path or Career Direction

  • Relationships and Love 

  • Future Insight

  • Identifying and Awakening Sacred gifts and Talents

  • Health Issues and Concerns

  • Financial Abundance

  • Self- Empowerment

  • Healing the Heart and Soul 

  • Questions and concerns about situations in your life, present and future.

Additional insight may include:

Past and Future Life

Starborn Awakening of  the DNA and connection to Creator Origin

Time is left open for questions. 

 $110  for 35 minutes 

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