Angela has extensive experience and qualifications in Mediumship.  Her first experience with her natural abilities came at the age of 3 years old, after her father had suddenly passed on at the age of 45.
Shortly after his passing, Angela who was very close to her dad, began "seeing" him sitting in his favorite chair.  She would relay conversations with him to her Mom, who also had psychic gifts.  Not capable of understanding death at 3 years old, Angela experienced dad as living and continued these conversations for several years, until she was able to understand he had 'died".  Unfortunately this understanding changed her , confusing her,  until a few years later when she began "seeing" spirits again.  Although unrecognizable to her, she lamented and began speaking to them.  Most wanted a connection to the living, to someone who could still see them.  Others were stuck and needed help moving forward.  And, still others who did not know they had passed, looked for family and other familiar people.
And the story continued as many years later, Angela and her gifts evolved.  Today, she is still revered as a powerful medium and healer.  Her later work includes The Science of Truth and Starborn Awakening, both new languages brought to Earth to awaken and evolve people away from fear and trauma, bringing them to organic process and rebirth.  
Deeply varied and unique, Angela continuously uses her Mediumship skills to enlighten, assist, heal and transform her clients. 
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A Mediumship session provides opportunity to reconnect to those who have passed over into other worlds.  And, sometimes during this type of session other Spirit connections are made, such as those with Guides from this or previous lives.

During a Mediumship session, a Seance is performed between the client,  the medium and those in Spirit.  Generally the information from the deceased will include messages for those still on Earth, often providing missing pieces around the passing, or a much needed healing of grief and loss.  Many who lose loved ones suddenly cannot let go of the passing.  They may somehow believe it is their fault or if an accident or suicide occurs, the Spirit or the loved one may be stuck in the event and unable to move on into the light.  

Having a Mediumship sitting can offer healing for the client and for the Spirit.   However, some Spirits are unable to communicate from the other realms, but information around the personality or circumstances will still be provided for the client.

Not all Mediums are Psychic and not all Psychics are Mediums.  I am both, so this session can provide you with deep insights and information meant for closure and healing.  If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, your heart cannot remain open.  Only when the heart is healed can you personally have awareness and connection with your loved ones in Spirit.

Those who pass on, once healed, can become great teachers to the living and act as Guides.  Mediumship is a wonderful way to introduce this new relationship into your life.  Additionally, Spirit may provide healing and life direction as well. 

Sometimes Spirit will ask me to facilitate information using Flame Cards.

 I believe everyone should be happy, healthy and abundant in life,   I provide this service out of love with integrity, and am a Master at what I do.  I want people to get the help they really need.   In return I ask those who have received from my service spread the word so others can heal as well.

The Mediumship Sitting is currently $135 for 30-35 minutes.  Additional time is pro rated.   In person or via phone. 

The Sacred Art of Mediumship 

Mediumship Sittings are of the highest most sacred connections we can have on Earth.  We must value and respect the opportunity to have these connections.  Any client can request a sitting, and each must come into the sacred space with honesty, integrity and respect.  If one requests a Mediumship sitting but does not value, respect or believe in the process the Guides may not allow the request.  Sacredness of the process must be upheld.  This is not a circus act.  It takes much energy and ectoplasm from Spirit to show up here, and they will draw from my energy and your energy to make this connection happen.  They will not waste time with those who are not serious about the process.  

Spirit loves connecting with those on Earth.  They also enjoy facilitating Mediumship or Message Circles as they are sometimes called.  This would be done for a Group where each person would receive a message.  Because I am also a Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Spirit will often take the opportunity in Group to provide a teaching and or healing as well.

Spirit communication through Flame Card Readings are also a powerful way to receive messages in Group Message Circles. 

Rates vary by location and number of people so contact me if you would like to schedule an event. The host is my guest and does not pay for participation. 

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