All sessions are recorded except Message Circles. 


The Wholeness of the Spirit Wellness Session come in 30, 60 or 90 minute format.


Spirit Wellness Session:

Priced from $120.00 for 30 minutes,

$225.00 for 60 minutes (savings of $15.00)  

$300.00 for 90 minutes (savings of $60.00)  

and $4.00 per additional minute,

less $20.00 discount on first Spirit Wellness session when you sign up on our email list. 

 Alternately, you can choose an area of life to focus on, or select from a Psychic Reading, Mediumship Session or Past/Future Life Reading with the Angels, Faeries, Guides or Starbeings for 35 minutes

$110 to $135 for 35 minutes 

Session Format 

Written Sessions and Magical Story Sessions are priced separately.  Contact Me for more information. 

Spirit Message Circles and Flame Card Circles are priced according to location and number of participants.   Starting at $65.00 per person

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