We are all the existence of energy into form.  We come from the  Ancestral Line of Known Oneness, the Divinity of the All.  

"The Spirit Wellness Session awakens you to the UNLIMITED potential of consciousness in a body"



THIS is empowerment in the most authentic form possible

Nothing has ever existed like this before now

The Spirit Wellness Session was designed and birthed from and through The Outer Most reaches of conscious understanding, the known and unknown line of Ancestral Creators, past the boundaries of known oneness and energy formlessness

Imagine your entity as a harmonic, all aligned, imprinted and aged to perfection through the collection of universal wisdom and experience.  Perfect in every way....clear, balanced, whole, empowered.  But, if any part of the harmonic is damaged or missing, the vibration or "sound" of the harmonic will be distorted or perhaps unable to function perfectly.  These imprints which are out of harmonic make the Spirit sick and unwell, and eventually those imprints make their way into your consciousness and affect your life.  You don't necessarily know the harmonic is damaged or unbalanced, often until it is too late and the heartbreak in life already happens.  The creation of emotional trauma takes the harmonic further and further away from the natural balance making it impossible for you to "see" the reason you have lived in lack or suffered in some way.  

Now, you can take advantage of all that I have learned and accumulated over lifetimes of being a Master Teacher, The Healer to The Healers...finally, all of  my (and the creators) wisdom and skill has all been brought into one neat little package. 

The Spirit Wellness Session gives you wholeness and awakens the Universal Harmonic Within.  The session serves as the platform to draw from the abstract, every available method to pull in whatever information and healing, in any form that YOU need in that moment.  My unique and diverse "toolbox" and decades of experience offer an opportunity like no other.   I can see exactly where the problem is, where the distortions are, where the harmonic is "out" and bring in whatever it takes to restore it and you to LOVE.   A human x-ray machine, seeing through all illusions, lies and physicality, bringing to light ANYTHING which makes your Spirit Unwell in any way.  I touch the Blip of awareness past the boundaries of Universal Information, and I can bring it to you.  Awaken to all which lies beyond your known boundaries of consciousness, the most outer reaches of your Soulrealm and bring it here into form.  This is why we have come as Light. 


The Information Can Come as any or all of the following:

  • PSYCHIC READING - from the Star Beings, Guides, Angels, Masters, Faerie Realm 

  • MEDIUMSHIP - connecting to Loved ones who have passed, who may have the piece you need to heal or understand something in your life


  • PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND/OR ENERGETIC WELL BEING - DNA Transformation, chakra healing, awakening of additional aspects or archetypes in you; addressing physical pain and discomfort; addressing the pre-cursor to illness as prevention of same; mental discomfort, like feelings of being crazy, addictions, OCD, PTSD, or any other type of mental pain and challenges, even children and adults with learning disabilities.

As Master Teacher and Healer I sit in the Center of the Universal Harmonic, your reading begins with a Spirit Scan, where your Spirit shows me exactly what it needs to be whole and restored again.  Each Spirit has the capacity to express the Soulrealm it holds within.  This is the True Spirit Joy.

Awakening, restoration and alignment can include:



  • Past Life Information

  • Current Life Solutions

  • Life Path or Career Direction

  • Personal and Financial Empowerment/Abundance

  • Insight Into Your Future

  • Areas of Love and Relationships 

  • Identifying and Awakening Sacred Gifts and Talents

  • Unblocking Fear for ease of light flow and healing

  • Assessing physical & emotional health and wellness for restoration of organic process

  • Diet, health and/or weight loss concerns

  • Addiction release and recovery (including substance, energetic and emotional)

  • Mediumship Sitting : communicating with the deceased 

  • Information from your guides and their purpose in your life. 

  • In other words, ANYTHING which resides in the Universe can be used to awaken, transform, restore and heal in the session, bringing to your consciousness the connections necessary for UNLIMITED POTENTIAL in CONSCIOUSNESS.

The POWER and DEPTH of the Spirit Wellness Session must be experienced to understand what it gives to each and to the Universal Expanse as it flows.  No more struggling, guessing, figuring out or trying to solve unsolvable problems.  No more need to fix people just to have relationships.  This session takes the guess work out of life and allows life to flow from organic process.   Healing your harmonic brings love into your form and to life in all forms.  The right circumstances, job, career, relationship, health, energy, etc.  And it is all waiting for you right now.   No more wasting time and energy feeling sick, drained, depressed, confused or exhausted.  YOU have the power to invite LOVE into your life.  You only need to CHOOSE and come forth for the POWER OF THIS AWAKENING.  

© 2017 Copyright Angela Nicastro 

Additional Information Visit www.loveexpanded.com

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The information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only.  No claims are made to treat or otherwise heal.